Time to get the boarding & the bulkhead out

A reasonably successful weekend.  The before…

Time to start…
Taken the panelling out to see if there’s anything scary underneath (their wasn’t) and also unbolted the bulkhead.

A couple of photos for reference before I disconnect the wiring under the passenger seat.

Passenger seat out (secured by 8 nuts).
I disconnected the above electrical connectors and then reconnected them to themselves (they’re only mounted in to the seat frame but seemingly have nothing to do with the seat itself).

Time to remove the lower bulkhead brackets, which are spot welded (the upper brackets are bolted on).  Made good use of a Spot Weld Cutter Set :-).  One thing to be aware of, before you get too creative with a chisel & hammer (which can be useful if you’re careful), disconnect the battery or you might trigger the seatbelt tensioners (explosive charges!), apparently this has happened to a few people… both scary and expensive!!

I used the spot weld cutter and also a power saw to remove the bottom bracket.

I’m not too worried about removing all of the weld since this will be covered by the floor (I removed more than shown in this photo).

Before removing the drivers seat it’s important to put the van in gear and chock the wheels since you’ll need to disturb the handbrake.  I took this photo in case I needed to disconnect the handbrake cable (so I had a record of the number of threads that the bolt was from the end), however in the end I just unbolted the handbrake bracket from the seat and left as-is for now, allowing me to remove the seat.

Drivers seat out now… time to remove the RHS bulkhead brackets.



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