Reversing camera installation

While I’m waiting for the tow bar bits I thought I’d install the reversing camera I purchased on eBay.
Having removed the internal tailgate panel it’s easy to remove the external plastic part which houses the rear number plate lights.  Just disconnect the electrical connector on the righthand site then undo the 4 nuts.  Then carefully remove the part from the outside (being careful not to snag the electrical connector when doing so).
I was also very pleased to see an unused hole, plugged with a grommet in the tailgate, somewhere to route my cable.
I used the supplied hole cutter to cut a central hole in the plastic part and then pushed the camera into the hole (it was a very tight fit!).  The camera has a pivot on it to adjust the viewing angle which is adjusted with a tiny grub screw.  Looking at where I drilled the hole (front to back), I placed it centrally which will mean I won’t easily be able to adjust the angle of the camera in place, so perhaps I should have drilled further back?
 Camera in place and threaded through to the inside.
 Looks pretty tidy from the outside.
The camera comes with a short cable attached to it, with a non-standard connector on it.  Additionally a far longer cable is supplied which has a single phono plug and a pair of power wires at the other end.
I threaded this cable from inside the tailgate up to the existing gaiter and through into the van itself.  This took some doing especially threading the cable up towards the top of the tailgate and out of the gaiter hole.


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