Tow bar installation, next steps

So the plan was to install the tow bar, but I didn’t get too far.

First I inserted 4 of the plugs I got from VW (I got 8, but there were already 4 installed.  New ones are white, the existing 4 are grey (2 at each end).

Then it was a simple matter of fitting the new part and using the 8 clips to secure it to the van.

Next job is to remove the spare wheel then remove the under-body panel to be able to bolt in the actual tow bar.  Whilst most of the fixings for this are just bolts there are 3 (somewhat corroded) star-lock washers too 🙁

It looks like 2 of these need to be removed to be able to remove the underbody panel.  These things are a bugger to get off anyway but these ones aren’t in good shape so I think I’ll need to get some replacements before I continue.
Looking at them I estimate they’re 5mm ones, albeit bigger than normal, i.e. 30mm overall diameter.

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