Front sound insulation

Time to sound insulate the cab floor.  I purchased a bulk pack of Silent Coat 2mm Mat Bulk for £85 from the Sound Deadening Shop. It’s very easy to fit, you can cut it with scissors and it bends to follow the contours of the floor. All done…   I Read more…

By Heathy, ago

Drivers front seat swivel

So I thought I’d have a go at test fitting the Rib drivers seat swivel I purchased from Kiravans. It fits very easily, although the swivel is very stiff for the first rotation. However there seems to be a design fault… As can be seen from the following photos the Read more…

By Heathy, ago

Spilt charge wiring etc.

I ordered a spilt charge kit (SC120L) and also a “Leisure battery supply loom for aftermarket stereo” kit, both from First I took of the wiper arms (which was a bit difficult until I lifted the arm up directly under the spring to relieve the pressure. Then it’s easy Read more…

By Heathy, ago

About time I posted again

So it’s been quite a time since my last update… The van’s been back with me for a while now fitted with a pop top roof, windows, part lining and a rear spoiler too. The way I’ve had the lining done means I pretty much have access to everywhere for Read more…

By Heathy, ago