Spilt charge wiring etc.

I ordered a spilt charge kit (SC120L) and also a “Leisure battery supply loom for aftermarket stereo” kit, both from travelvolts.com.
First I took of the wiper arms (which was a bit difficult until I lifted the arm up directly under the spring to relieve the pressure.

Then it’s easy to remove the plastic cover.

I then had an amount of rubbish to clean out before I started the installation.

I decided to clean out the offside area too.
This is the part of the slit charge kit.  The cable labelled “2” is the short cable which connects to the van battery.  The long cable, labelled “3” & “4” routes from the engine bay to the passenger compartment (“3” in the engine bay, “4” in the passenger compartment).

This is how the cable routes in the engine compartment.

This is the routing into the passenger area (the cable hasn’t been pulled all the way through yet.

The cable routes through from the van battery via a pre-existing hole/grommet.

In order to route the cable to under the driver seat (where I intend to install the spilt charge relay), it’s easier to remove the seats and the floor mat (this probably isn’t absolutely necessary).

I decided to cut the mat so I didn’t have to disconnect the handbrake cable from the hand brake but then could remove the mat.

Now to get on with the cable routing.

Almost done with the routing.

This is where I chose to install the split charge relay (in the NSF corner).

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