Monthly Archives: October 2016

Preparing the rear floor & fitting the front seats

So I’ve had a busy weekend on the van 🙂

I removed the floor (which was just loosely laid in the van) and bonded all of the cut pieces underneath.  I used Wurth Bond Structural Bond+Seal (08901003) to bond the pieces to the van floor.  I will be just screwing the floor to these battens and not glueing it just incase I need to remove it later.
I purchased the floor from AJC Conversions Ltd, it’s in 12mm in ply, one peice (well except for two  very tiny bits to allow an easier fit), and hand cut to fit perfectly.  They also supplied the battens and even did me a plan to show what goes where.  I also got some rubber strip to finish off the edge when I do the final fit.  The guys there were very helpful too, lots of free advice!

I ended up using two tubes of adhesive and nearly finished, so will have to buy a third one.

Next I got the two front seats installed along with their swivels.  I’ve purchased a secondhand single passenger seat (finished in VW Place trim) to replace my double one.  I got the two seat swivels from Kiravans.

The driver swivel comes with spacers to lift the seat so it can clear the handbrake, they’re fitted first.

They have a slot to take the original nut.

Then it’s a simple job of fitting the swivel to the seats with four fixings, next the seat can be bolted to the swivel.

Picking up on a comment on an earlier post, this photo shows the angle of the level on the passenger seat.  As can be seen there’s plenty of room.

This is the level on the driver seat, after I’ve carefully bent it to not clash with the plastic seat base.

Looking good, now they’re fitted 🙂