The furniture build starts….

Blimey, there’s a lot of parts in the kit (as you’d expect), in addition to the many-many panels there are loads of bags of fixtures and fittings, and thankfully some printed instructions.
The time consuming part is knocking in all the edging strip and cutting it accurately at the ends.  There’s a suggestion in the instructions to warm the edging before fitting to make it more pliable and avoid chipping the laminate (i.e. with a hair dryer), however when I warmed it up I found that it went on in a slightly uneven manner, also I’ve had no issues with chipping the laminate.
One other thing to consider is which way around to put the edging strip on, (there are two different sides), I just looked at the layout and made what I thought was a sensible decision.
This is the first part I tackled.
To avoid potentially damaging the laminate when knocking in the plastic pieces I used a sawn-off part of an Allen key to knock them in.
First section almost complete.

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