Monthly Archives: March 2017

Furniture back in + the seat/bed!

Furniture back in.
 Seat also in (test fit), it seems to foul on the NSR wheel arch (very slightly).  My floor is 12mm thick so apparently it should be high enough not to cause this.
 Once the seat is in its exact position I intend to (very slightly) dent the wheel arch to enable it to sit completely flat.


Furniture out…

So the furniture is back out, time to begin to fit the side panels.  Unfortunately they didn’t have holes in them so I had to work out where they should be.
I cut a cardboard template and marked them then used this for a guide.

Both panels test-fitted in place.

Now the floor’s back out to trim it to fit (to allow for the edging pipe/strip I plan to staple all around the edge.

Time to trim…