A weekend under my van…

On the new ramps, time to get started!

This is the Kiravans Rib seat fitting kit.

Almost in place, using the spare wheel carrier for support.

Time to remove the exhaust rear heat shield (have already removed the plastic panel above the rear wheel.

Head shield removed.

I marked the area where I’ll need to drill.
I used a couple of clamps to hold the bracket in place, but there’s a problem!  The bracket is too short.  I measured the distance between the vehicle struts and it’s approx. 750mm, the problem is that the bracket is approx. 742mm!  So unfortunately this particular job will have to wait until another day (after I have spoken to Kiravans).
So next job, installation of the wiring for the tow bar.  First the removal of the under-floor plastic panels.
And some more.
View under-body with cover removed.
The cable to be installed.
The bare end for the 13-pin socket (I’ve covered the end to protect it).
The other end, the left part goes to the engine bay (near the battery), the coil in the centre goes across the engine bay / bulkhead and into the passenger compartment (behind the accelerator cable), the end to the right goes up from under the passenger seat.
The end close to the battery, the ECU (not shown) and the fuses.
The end which goes across the bulkhead and down into the passenger area behind the accelerator cable (the grommet in the cable replaces the grommet which is already in-place behind the accelerator).
The end which comes up from under the floor to under the passenger seat.

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