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My plan is to install an underbody LPG tank so time to look for a suitable space for it.  I originally thought that the sensible location (between the rear wheels) would clash with the location of the Rib mounting bar but I’m glad to say that this is not the case.  The Rib mounting actually fits above the front edge of the spare wheel so there’s a potential space in front of that as show in these photos.

I’m looking to get a tank from Gas IT, the one shown here.  It’s 200mm diameter and 717mm long.  I’ve heard that this is the one typically used with a VW T5 but not 100% sure it will fit.  I’ve measured the space and there seems to be enough space front-to-back (approx. 200mm) and also enough height (approx. 250mm), down to the anti-roll bar. However whilst the width is approx. 750mm an angle on the exhaust intrudes into the space reducing it to approx. 660mm.  So perhaps more thought required?

[Update 20170505]

Have spoken to Gas It again (very friendly/helpful guys) and think I need to get back under my van and have another measure.

If the EASYFIT – 200mm x 20 ltr one is too long then I reckon I might be able to fit the 230 x 23 ltr one in.

The measurements are as follows (for the main body/part of the tank):

  • 200 mm x 20 litre : 200mm diameter x 717mm long
  • 230 mm x 23 litre : 230mm diameter x 630mm long

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