Fitting the Rib rear seat (again)

So, checking the fit of the Rib fitting kit under the van.  Based on the temporary spacers I had to slot, in it’s about 6-7mm too short.
 So I’ve fashioned a couple of spacers out for 3mm steel (which I’m going to rust proof before fitting).
 With the fitting kit placed in the recommended location the rear cushion is very squashed-up when in “bed-mode” so I wondered if I could mount the seat slightly forward?  However I checked the position of the three holes I’d need to drill to fix the front frame of the seat and they’d be inaccessible from under the van.
I drilled an offset pilot hole through the floor (from inside to out) near the front mounting holes to have an accurate point to measure from under the van.  After checking, I think I can position the seat very slightly further forward than stated in the instructions.  Whilst the seat is touching the side of the van, it isn’t overly squashed.
However I’ve found another issue/query, this time, in relation to the left/right position of the centre front mounting hole (in the centre of this picture).
 The hole in question is on the centre, lefthand side of this photo.
Based on the measurements from the reference hole I’d drilled the centre/front hole will exit under the boxed-in section for the NSR suspension arm!  So not sure how I’d get a bolt in there. Also not sure whether this issue is specific to a LWB?
[Update 20170507]
So back under the van, this time to measure where I think the bolts will need to come through from inside (yellow dots are my best estimates).
NSR bolt.

NSF bolt (closest to NS sliding door).

OSR (the one which the instructions say needs the long bolt since it goes through the box section).

OSF, right above the exhaust pipe.

Middle/front, the problem one (doesn’t go where the yellow dot is but inside the box section as far as I can tell).



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