LPG Tank size / location

So back on measuring up for an LPG tank again.  I don’t think either of the two tanks from Gas It which I’d been considering will actually fit after making a pair of cardboard mock-ups.
Now I’m looking at this one from Tinley Tech (the 200mm x 585mm, 16L version).
I’ve modified my cardboard “tank” down to 585mm and it seems to fit very well.
And no clashing with the Kiravans Rib rear seat fitting crossmember.

This is my attempt at dragging my upturned iPhone on a mat under my van whilst taking a panoramic photo!  The top is the rear of the van.

 A close-up of the “tank” and the Rib seat cross member.

A closer shot.

And from the NSR of the van.

And again.

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