LPG tank & bits delivery

Caveat: The first thing to say is that I’m not “gas trained/certified” in any way, so my musings on here are just that, nothing else.  Whilst I’m doing my install myself I already have spoken to a certified individual who knows what I’m planning to do and has agreed to test/certify my installation and provide me (and thus my insurance company) with the appropriate documentation.

So, I’ve recently received my order from Tinley Tech.  I decided to not buy the VW specific kit since it didn’t have exactly the bits I wanted (and it didn’t seem to be any cheaper than the individual parts, by my reckoning anyway).

This is the tank I bought (200mm x 585mm, 16L), shown with what’s fitted as shipped.
A close-up of the holes.  I’ve noticed the lefthand valve isn’t fitted quite square (but I haven’t tried to adjust it yet).

This is the gas tight cover which comes with the tank (not sure if I’m missing a rubber part/grommet to make all the holes gas tight though?

This is the box shown open.
Here are some more bits included with the tank and also a 90 degrees adaptor (which I think is for the filler connection?).  Note the the level/gauge isn’t included, see next comment.
I also ordered these two parts to enable me to see the LPG level from inside the van, the Livello Level Indicator and also the 4-Hole Level Sender (this comes with the gauge in the previous picture).  The cable length is pretty short, so I will need to extend it.
Here are the Tank Brackets, ordered separately.  I ordered 3 since I read that the rules specify you must have 3 if you’re suspending the tank on the mounts (although TBH, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to actually fit 3 on such a small tank?  I assume the rubber bands are to protect the tank.
This is the JIC Fill Hose – Straight, ordered separately, TBH I guessed that I’d need the straight 1.5 meter version (time will tell if I’m right!).
These are the JIC Pipe Clips for the hose (again ordered separately).

These are the bits I bought for the fill point, 3 parts.  The bracket, the UK bayonet filler (straight) and the Square filler cap.

 Assembled view.
This is the 3-way manifold I bought, for connection to the hob, Propex heater and BBQ point.
I’m not at all sure I’ve purchased the correct regulator (i.e. with the right connections on it!), since I wasn’t sure how/where I would be fitting it when I ordered it.
Lastly, something I definitely bought in error, a boot I thought would cover the back of the fill fitting but it’s way too big for me.

So the only things I’m missing (I think) are some pipe and the BBQ connection, oh and also some underbody stone chip spray which I’ve heard is recommended to protect the tank.

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