Prepping for the fridge

I purchased the fridge sometime ago, now it’s time to work out how to fit it (or at least test-fit it).  The model I chose is the Dometic CoolMatic CRX 50.  It was a close-run choice between that one and the Webasto Cruise 49 option.  The main thing that swung it for me is that the CRX 50 has a removable freezer section.

The main thing I wanted to check was how far back I can fit the fridge, i.e. flush or proud of the front of the units.  I’d read that for some models it’s necessary to cut part of the internal frame (at the bottom).  This picture is without the panel in place and before I cut the metal frame.

I put the furniture in place then put the fridge in position too, marked the position of the fridge with tape.

As you can see the fridge is touching the lower frame.

When I offered the fridge up into the correct position it was clear that I’d need to cut the rear ply panel and also the internal van body, which I did (see later).

With the panel is place it’s clear that I need to cut it, along with the lower metal frame.

Marking out the panel to cut it.

Now with the panel cut, and the lower metal frame, the fridge fits quite a bit further back.

TBH, I’m not sure if I will mount the front of the fridge completely flush since I that will restrict the angle that the door can open.  I will probably mount it slightly proud so I can open the door to a greater angle.  At least I’ve done the necessary preparation to choose either option later (this is it mocked up and flush).One point to mention is that Dometic sell two different mounting kits, I don’t have either.  I didn’t like the look of the exposed screws and also wasn’t sure how/if they’d work with my Evo furniture (I checked with Evo Design and they advised that neither are needed).

One other thing I also thought about was ventilation.  My thinking is that I’ll be OK since there’s a gap between the window and the back of the worktop (something I need to tidy up later).

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