Fitting the floor, at last!

After test fitting the floor I noticed that that the bolts for the LPG tank brackets were slightly proud so I had to remove some of wood from the bottom side of the ply floor to enable to floor to lay flat.
This is the view from above, just before I fit the floor.
This is the ply floor with the edging strip stapled in place (when doing so remember to allow for the thickness of the Altro flooring too (I used an off cut as a guide.  The black areas are just the sections I decided to stain, the larger area where the water will be located.  The front edge is stained black since the front edge of the floor will be visible (well at least until I decide what to do with it!).

Now the floor’s in place, albeit not tucked in at the edges (over the ending strip) and also not taped down.Now it’s time to tape the floor covering down (the tape came with the floor).

And more tape on the NS.

Close to the sliding door (the wiring is my car radio switch which will be in the small panel next to the door).
The view from the sliding door, before I fit the new step.
The new rear threshold fitted.

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