Electrics cabling/preparation

Have been giving the electrics some thoughts over the past weeks and these are my thoughts/doings.

Starting with the battery, I wanted to get one with a reasonable rating and have elected to not to try to squeeze it in under one of the front seats as many do.  Instead I’m going to mount it under the rear seat/bed.  This is the one I’ve gone for, from Alpha Batteries.

On The subject of charging I started with a standard split charge set up but since then have had a change of heart and now I’ve gone for different solution.  I plan to add a solar panel or two at some point so also wanted to consider this in relation to the charger. I looked at three different charges one from Ctek one from Ring and the other from Ablemail.

The CTEK D250SA was the 1st one I found and looked pretty good but is only rated at 20A (unless you add the CTEK SMARTPASS 120 unit to boost it, but that makes it more expensive and takes up more space too).

I was also tempted by the Ring RSCDC30, which is rated at 30A and is quite cheap compared to the other two.

In the end I decided to go with the Ablemail AMS12-12-30 one since it’s rated at 30A, silent running (fanless) and also has a serial interface I may make use of later.

In addition to the 12v charger I will be installing a CTEK mains charger which I already have.

Mains-wise I have purchased a small consumer unit with 16A and 6A breakers, the former for a couple of mains plugs and the latter for the charger.

I got most of the wire, connectors and also the fuse box from 12voltplanet.  The fuse box is a 10-way one, so plenty space for expansion.

I decided to buy CBE switches and sockets since I think they look tidy.

This is the location where most of the wiring converges and the location of the fuse box (this will be in the low unit to the RHS of the sink).
I’ve installed some trunking for most of the wiring (along with pull wire) since I’m bound to want to install something later!
Area behind the fridge on the off-side.
The OSR panel cut ready for installation.
Loads of wires!
I had to make some clips/brackets to hold the heater controller in-place.And from the front.
Cabling behind the OSR panel along with foam, to hopefully stop any rattles!
I made use of this existing negative point.Almost ready for panel fit.
Panel from the rear, I added some foam for sound deadening.  Note the invisible fixings on the LHS of the panel (RHS of the photo).Panel from the front.
And finally in place.  I didn’t bother with invisible fixings, except on the LHS, since they’ll be hidden by the unit.  You can see where the three square/rectangle back boxes too, which I will use for access behind the panel if needed in the future.
Close-up of the panel where the switches and sockets go (notice no visible fixings!). 

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