Fitting the furniture

Making sure that I get the two furniture parts in line. Panel fitted to mount the fuse panel.Fuse panel, rear view.

Fixings for the rear tall unit (front edge).Fixings at the front of the rear unit.After fitting the rear unit at the front edge I decided to make it even more secure.  This is the bracket I made, prior to fitting.Additional support/fixing for the rear unit.  I bolted this through the van floor (I’m making sure this furniture doesn’t move!).All done and bolted.Fixings for the connection of the two units.Fixing on the rear OS pillar.Brackets ready to fix the rear unit.Fixings for the rear/tall unit, rear edge, bolted in to rivnuts.More of the same.I fitted four Rivnuts below the window to fit the unit securely.Close up of two of the fixings.Bolting the unit in place, fixings 1, 2 & 3.Fixing 4.Job done.

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