Monthly Archives: August 2017

Looking at blinds

Just got back from meeting Pete at VanShades to look at their blinds. They’re in their impressive new premises now and I must say their product looks very good indeed too.  Frankly I don’t think there’s any competition/alternative if you want a neat/tidy completely blackout solution.

Pete was very helpful, explaining the options, specifically since I have Evo Design furniture and an opening 3rd-party window, over the sink/worktop. With this configuration there’s an issue in that the blind pod has to be a version which positions the blind sufficiently forward to avoid the latch on the windows slider but then clashes with the back of the worktop.

Pete explained a couple of options and I’ve elected to go for their “J pod” in this position, this will mean I will have to cut/scribe the Evo Design worktop to avoid a clash with the blind frame and the worktop.

Needless to say I’ve ordered three and can’t wait to get them in 2-3 weeks.

More wiring, including lights

Connections done for the light switches, USB socket and mains socket.  I used the rubber feet to offset the three individual units so they were flush with the frame.Bottom panel done.

Top switch panel, pump indicator/switch and LPG level gauge.

Top panel done.

Whole panel view.


Fusebox and negative busbar in place ready for wiring.

Some of the wiring completed.

Wiring the overhead LED lights.

Wiring, sockets, switches etc. & a bit of furniture too

Cutting of the front panel for the rear seat/bed.Test fitting in place.Preparing the mountings for the 12V charger, fuses, main switch etc.  This is all going to fit vertically on the offside of the rear seat frame.Since I don’t know how warm the charger will get I’ve decided to mount it offset from the panel and also cover the panel with a thin sheet of metal.This is the rear part of the panel in place.  You can see the trunking I have installed which enables the tidy routing of cables from from fuse box.Forward part of the panel in place now.These are the wires for the light switches and also a 12V supply for a USB socket.The level gauge for the LPG tank.Wiring for the LPG level gauge, soldered for reliability (since it’ll be hard to access later).Cabling to where the fusebox is going to be located.Route from the lower unit to under the seat/bed.