Still wiring and the fridge too

Time to fit the fridge into place.  I did some checking and there are a couple of different mounting frames you can buy for the fridge but after checking with the Evo furniture guys it was apparent that I didn’t need either.There are two fixing holes on each side of the fridge which you simply drill through to the outside and use longish bolts to fix it.Then it’s just a case of fixing a washer/nut combination in the adjacent units.One thing to check before you drill is how far back/forward you want the fridge itself.  I had quite a lot of flexibility here since I’d cut out the rear panel behind the fridge to account for its depth.  I decided to make it not fully flush so that I could open the door as fas as I wanted to.  You also need to consider that you need to be able to open the fridge door by a certain amount to get the  freezer/fridge divider and other stuff in/out.Back onto the electrics now.  This is the rear of the main 12V isolation switch.And from the front.Now with the wiring in place.This is where it’s going (under the seat/bed on the offside close to the furniture).Connectivity to the leisure battery under the seat.Some of the under seat wiring including the labeled fuses.  You can also see the mains battery charger in the bottom RHS of the picture next to the leisure battery.A better photo of the fuses.  I’ve wired ready for a solar panel which I plan to add later.

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