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Sliding door adjustment

When I purchased my van I noticed that the sliding door isn’t completely flush when closed, it’s slightly proud on the rear edge.  At the time, I had a good look at the door/brackets etc and there’s absolutely no evidence of damage/buckling or anything else to explain it.  I even spoke to the previous owner (the van was at a main dealer as a trade in).  The guy who owned it bought the van from a VW dealer and commented on the door at the time of his purchase.  The garage adjusted it and improved it, but he (and now me) reckon it’s not quite as good as other vans (but it wasn’t enough of an issue to not buy the van).
When stood looking at the sliding door the top left hand corner is very slightly proud and the bottom lefthand corner is very slightly inboard (neither of these are significant or really noticeable). However the righthand side (i.e. rear vertical edge) is quite noticeable, worsening towards the lower part of the door.
(Note: the previous owner had professionally fitted deadlocks installed, but I’ve checked and this isn’t the cause of the issue).
So I’ve had a look at the VW documentation in relation to adjusting the door and thought I’d see if I could improve it at all.
I carefully marked (with masking tape) the existing position of the brackets so I could get it back to where I started.
Firstly I adjusted the striker pin by moving towards the inside of the vehicle but even with a slight movement the door won’t close, so I returned it to its original position.
Another thing I tried was completely removing the striker pin assembly and holding the door shut.  In this scenario I wasn’t able to push the door fully home/shut, but I’m not sure whether I should be able to do this anyway since when the door’s on the latch it’s obviously under considerable pressure.
Next I looked at the door latch itself (on the rear edge of the door) but this doesn’t seem to be adjustable.  Then I looked at the mounting for the rear slider (on the door) and as shown here it’s already at its limit.
I also tried slightly tweaking the front adjustments, both top and bottom but this had no real effect.
Moving forwards, my only thought is to remove the striker pin again and then also remove the guides from the rear of the B pillar and also the door seal to see if it sits square in that instance.
The only other thing I noticed, when I removed the striker pin was that there’s a green coloured spacer (almost like a gasket in form) between the striker assembly and the door.  I’m not sure if that’s a standard item so might try to carefully remove it.

Reversing camera installation

While I’m waiting for the tow bar bits I thought I’d install the reversing camera I purchased on eBay.
Having removed the internal tailgate panel it’s easy to remove the external plastic part which houses the rear number plate lights.  Just disconnect the electrical connector on the righthand site then undo the 4 nuts.  Then carefully remove the part from the outside (being careful not to snag the electrical connector when doing so).
I was also very pleased to see an unused hole, plugged with a grommet in the tailgate, somewhere to route my cable.
I used the supplied hole cutter to cut a central hole in the plastic part and then pushed the camera into the hole (it was a very tight fit!).  The camera has a pivot on it to adjust the viewing angle which is adjusted with a tiny grub screw.  Looking at where I drilled the hole (front to back), I placed it centrally which will mean I won’t easily be able to adjust the angle of the camera in place, so perhaps I should have drilled further back?
 Camera in place and threaded through to the inside.
 Looks pretty tidy from the outside.
The camera comes with a short cable attached to it, with a non-standard connector on it.  Additionally a far longer cable is supplied which has a single phono plug and a pair of power wires at the other end.
I threaded this cable from inside the tailgate up to the existing gaiter and through into the van itself.  This took some doing especially threading the cable up towards the top of the tailgate and out of the gaiter hole.