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Fitting the floor, at last!

After test fitting the floor I noticed that that the bolts for the LPG tank brackets were slightly proud so I had to remove some of wood from the bottom side of the ply floor to enable to floor to lay flat.
This is the view from above, just before I fit the floor.
This is the ply floor with the edging strip stapled in place (when doing so remember to allow for the thickness of the Altro flooring too (I used an off cut as a guide.  The black areas are just the sections I decided to stain, the larger area where the water will be located.  The front edge is stained black since the front edge of the floor will be visible (well at least until I decide what to do with it!).

Now the floor’s in place, albeit not tucked in at the edges (over the ending strip) and also not taped down.Now it’s time to tape the floor covering down (the tape came with the floor).

And more tape on the NS.

Close to the sliding door (the wiring is my car radio switch which will be in the small panel next to the door).
The view from the sliding door, before I fit the new step.
The new rear threshold fitted.

Prepping the floor, electrics placement & LPG tank brackets

Now I have the exact location of the seat it’s time to consider the fit of other items and also what additional holes I need to drill through the floor.

This is the view from the rear, under the centre section of the Rib seat. I’m planning to locate the leisure battery, chargerand mains consumer unit under hear whislt leaving space for the toilet at the front.
This is the battery mount I purchased on eBay (I don’t want such a heavy item moving at all in a crash!). Also you can see the hole I have drilled to access the negative connection for the battery I have made.
I drilled a hole through the floor then removed all of the paint from both sides around the hole, fitted a long bolt with large washers on both sites to ensure I get a good electrical connection. The second hole is for the conduit I will use for the mains cable from the underbody mounted socket.
View from underneath.
This shows a couple of holes in the unit to the right of the sink.  The larger one is for the gas drop-vent and the other for the gas pipe to the Propex heater.
Next I needed to ensure that the mounts for the LPG tank would be secure. Unfortunatley the location of the brackets meant that I had to modify some of the wooden spacers I’d installed.
One of the brackets I made (I had to cut a section out to avoid one of the battery tray mount holes).
Brackets in place.
All the holes made in the Altro flooring.  Notice the ridges in the flooring, my fault for having it rolled up for too long.  Luckily I managed to get rid of them by leaving it rolled out for a while.

Drilling the holes for the Rib seat/bed

Following on from my earlier blog entry when I fitted the Rib seat under body bracket and drilled the two central rearmost holes, now it’s time to drill the others.

With the furniture in place (albeit not fixed, but in the exact/right position) I fitted the two rear bolts (just the bolts, not the nuts) then lined up the seat so it was square and also ensured the seat didn’t touch the NS wall or the furniture, both in seat and bed mode. I then marked the location of the remaining holes on the wooden floor then drilled them through.

As you’ll see in the next photos my estimates (the yellow dots) weren’t too far off!

This is the NSR hole.

This is the OSR hole which travels through the crossmember so needs the longer bolt to be used.

This is the NSF hole.

This is the OSF hole above the exhaust.

This is the front centre hole, which is the hardest to see since it’s inside the swinging arm suspension mount!

This is a picture with all the bolts in place (just test fit).


Having previously sourced the 12mm ply floor next it’s time to get/fit the covering.  I did quite a bit of Googling and decided on using some Altro Xpresslay which I purchased from Contract Flooring.  This particular version of Altro doesn’t need gluing down, just using the double-sided tape they provided.  This is the colour I went for.

I used the plywood floor as the template (remembering to have both the floor & covering inverted!).

I used a thin marker to draw around the ply floor.

Then it was just a case of carefully cutting with a pair of scissors.

The finished product layed out.