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Table(s) time

Time to fit some tables.

These are the rivnut fixings or the swivel table near the sliding side door.Bracket fitted.Fixings under the table.

All done!

And now to the other table.

Table in place on the rail I fitted.

Fitting the furniture

Making sure that I get the two furniture parts in line. Panel fitted to mount the fuse panel.Fuse panel, rear view.

Fixings for the rear tall unit (front edge).Fixings at the front of the rear unit.After fitting the rear unit at the front edge I decided to make it even more secure.  This is the bracket I made, prior to fitting.Additional support/fixing for the rear unit.  I bolted this through the van floor (I’m making sure this furniture doesn’t move!).All done and bolted.Fixings for the connection of the two units.Fixing on the rear OS pillar.Brackets ready to fix the rear unit.Fixings for the rear/tall unit, rear edge, bolted in to rivnuts.More of the same.I fitted four Rivnuts below the window to fit the unit securely.Close up of two of the fixings.Bolting the unit in place, fixings 1, 2 & 3.Fixing 4.Job done.

Checking the fit…

The tall unit doesn’t seem to fit very well with the profile of the side panel.
Think I need to see if I can, somehow, get this to fit a bit better!
Also there’s a gap behind the worktop, where “stuff” could fall down behind the unit.  Will need to think about this (although it will provide ventilation for the fridge!).


Furniture back in + the seat/bed!

Furniture back in.
 Seat also in (test fit), it seems to foul on the NSR wheel arch (very slightly).  My floor is 12mm thick so apparently it should be high enough not to cause this.
 Once the seat is in its exact position I intend to (very slightly) dent the wheel arch to enable it to sit completely flat.


Wood, wood and more wood….

Most of it’s inside the house now.  Still quite a bit to build.

Still having fun with a seeming slight difference in part length.

I thought this was an issue (the difference in placement of the holes, from the lower edge).  I emailed Evo and it’s by design, i.e. to cause the unit to open when a slight twist to avoid the side of the adjacent tall unit.

The drawer doesn’t want to stay on it’s rails, some adjustment needed I think.

The rear roof unit (above the rear seat).

All mocked up in line, looking good!

The furniture build starts….

Blimey, there’s a lot of parts in the kit (as you’d expect), in addition to the many-many panels there are loads of bags of fixtures and fittings, and thankfully some printed instructions.
The time consuming part is knocking in all the edging strip and cutting it accurately at the ends.  There’s a suggestion in the instructions to warm the edging before fitting to make it more pliable and avoid chipping the laminate (i.e. with a hair dryer), however when I warmed it up I found that it went on in a slightly uneven manner, also I’ve had no issues with chipping the laminate.
One other thing to consider is which way around to put the edging strip on, (there are two different sides), I just looked at the layout and made what I thought was a sensible decision.
This is the first part I tackled.
To avoid potentially damaging the laminate when knocking in the plastic pieces I used a sawn-off part of an Allen key to knock them in.
First section almost complete.