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Lining the OSR panel and fitting

So time to put the lining on the OSR panel.  A first-time for me since the guys who fitted the roof & windows did the rest.

These are the “invisible” clips I used for the top LHS fixings.

I used spray adhesive (from Kiravans) and applied it to both sides then wait a short time.

Then I carefully applied it (a two person job), putting the lining on top of the ply.  I folded the edges over then when the adhesive was set I carefully trimmed the lining back to the edge.

I had to glue some extra bits of ply to enable the back box to fit correctly.

Now ready to fit.

Furniture out…

So the furniture is back out, time to begin to fit the side panels.  Unfortunately they didn’t have holes in them so I had to work out where they should be.
I cut a cardboard template and marked them then used this for a guide.

Both panels test-fitted in place.

Now the floor’s back out to trim it to fit (to allow for the edging pipe/strip I plan to staple all around the edge.

Time to trim…

About time I posted again

So it’s been quite a time since my last update…

The van’s been back with me for a while now fitted with a pop top roof, windows, part lining and a rear spoiler too.

The way I’ve had the lining done means I pretty much have access to everywhere for cabling etc.  I just have to cover/fit the larger rear panels.

So now I can crack-on with the conversion myself.