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Prepping the floor, electrics placement & LPG tank brackets

Now I have the exact location of the seat it’s time to consider the fit of other items and also what additional holes I need to drill through the floor.

This is the view from the rear, under the centre section of the Rib seat. I’m planning to locate the leisure battery, chargerand mains consumer unit under hear whislt leaving space for the toilet at the front.
This is the battery mount I purchased on eBay (I don’t want such a heavy item moving at all in a crash!). Also you can see the hole I have drilled to access the negative connection for the battery I have made.
I drilled a hole through the floor then removed all of the paint from both sides around the hole, fitted a long bolt with large washers on both sites to ensure I get a good electrical connection. The second hole is for the conduit I will use for the mains cable from the underbody mounted socket.
View from underneath.
This shows a couple of holes in the unit to the right of the sink.  The larger one is for the gas drop-vent and the other for the gas pipe to the Propex heater.
Next I needed to ensure that the mounts for the LPG tank would be secure. Unfortunatley the location of the brackets meant that I had to modify some of the wooden spacers I’d installed.
One of the brackets I made (I had to cut a section out to avoid one of the battery tray mount holes).
Brackets in place.
All the holes made in the Altro flooring.  Notice the ridges in the flooring, my fault for having it rolled up for too long.  Luckily I managed to get rid of them by leaving it rolled out for a while.

More pondering about LPG

So, I’ve had a look at my LPG tank and the first problem is that the exit valve hasn’t been inserted enough.
When I install the cover, you can see that the outlet doesn’t line up with the hole and worse still I can’t get the cover on since the tap is too proud!
Also I think I need to return some items (since I ordered the incorrect bits).  For example, there’s no easy way to use the fill hose without it routing over the van exhaust pipe due to the radius restrictions.

LPG tank & bits delivery

Caveat: The first thing to say is that I’m not “gas trained/certified” in any way, so my musings on here are just that, nothing else.  Whilst I’m doing my install myself I already have spoken to a certified individual who knows what I’m planning to do and has agreed to test/certify my installation and provide me (and thus my insurance company) with the appropriate documentation.

So, I’ve recently received my order from Tinley Tech.  I decided to not buy the VW specific kit since it didn’t have exactly the bits I wanted (and it didn’t seem to be any cheaper than the individual parts, by my reckoning anyway).

This is the tank I bought (200mm x 585mm, 16L), shown with what’s fitted as shipped.
A close-up of the holes.  I’ve noticed the lefthand valve isn’t fitted quite square (but I haven’t tried to adjust it yet).

This is the gas tight cover which comes with the tank (not sure if I’m missing a rubber part/grommet to make all the holes gas tight though?

This is the box shown open.
Here are some more bits included with the tank and also a 90 degrees adaptor (which I think is for the filler connection?).  Note the the level/gauge isn’t included, see next comment.
I also ordered these two parts to enable me to see the LPG level from inside the van, the Livello Level Indicator and also the 4-Hole Level Sender (this comes with the gauge in the previous picture).  The cable length is pretty short, so I will need to extend it.
Here are the Tank Brackets, ordered separately.  I ordered 3 since I read that the rules specify you must have 3 if you’re suspending the tank on the mounts (although TBH, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to actually fit 3 on such a small tank?  I assume the rubber bands are to protect the tank.
This is the JIC Fill Hose – Straight, ordered separately, TBH I guessed that I’d need the straight 1.5 meter version (time will tell if I’m right!).
These are the JIC Pipe Clips for the hose (again ordered separately).

These are the bits I bought for the fill point, 3 parts.  The bracket, the UK bayonet filler (straight) and the Square filler cap.

 Assembled view.
This is the 3-way manifold I bought, for connection to the hob, Propex heater and BBQ point.
I’m not at all sure I’ve purchased the correct regulator (i.e. with the right connections on it!), since I wasn’t sure how/where I would be fitting it when I ordered it.
Lastly, something I definitely bought in error, a boot I thought would cover the back of the fill fitting but it’s way too big for me.

So the only things I’m missing (I think) are some pipe and the BBQ connection, oh and also some underbody stone chip spray which I’ve heard is recommended to protect the tank.

LPG Tank size / location

So back on measuring up for an LPG tank again.  I don’t think either of the two tanks from Gas It which I’d been considering will actually fit after making a pair of cardboard mock-ups.
Now I’m looking at this one from Tinley Tech (the 200mm x 585mm, 16L version).
I’ve modified my cardboard “tank” down to 585mm and it seems to fit very well.
And no clashing with the Kiravans Rib rear seat fitting crossmember.

This is my attempt at dragging my upturned iPhone on a mat under my van whilst taking a panoramic photo!  The top is the rear of the van.

 A close-up of the “tank” and the Rib seat cross member.

A closer shot.

And from the NSR of the van.

And again.

Looking for space

My plan is to install an underbody LPG tank so time to look for a suitable space for it.  I originally thought that the sensible location (between the rear wheels) would clash with the location of the Rib mounting bar but I’m glad to say that this is not the case.  The Rib mounting actually fits above the front edge of the spare wheel so there’s a potential space in front of that as show in these photos.

I’m looking to get a tank from Gas IT, the one shown here.  It’s 200mm diameter and 717mm long.  I’ve heard that this is the one typically used with a VW T5 but not 100% sure it will fit.  I’ve measured the space and there seems to be enough space front-to-back (approx. 200mm) and also enough height (approx. 250mm), down to the anti-roll bar. However whilst the width is approx. 750mm an angle on the exhaust intrudes into the space reducing it to approx. 660mm.  So perhaps more thought required?

[Update 20170505]

Have spoken to Gas It again (very friendly/helpful guys) and think I need to get back under my van and have another measure.

If the EASYFIT – 200mm x 20 ltr one is too long then I reckon I might be able to fit the 230 x 23 ltr one in.

The measurements are as follows (for the main body/part of the tank):

  • 200 mm x 20 litre : 200mm diameter x 717mm long
  • 230 mm x 23 litre : 230mm diameter x 630mm long