Lining the OSR panel and fitting

So time to put the lining on the OSR panel.  A first-time for me since the guys who fitted the roof & windows did the rest. These are the “invisible” clips I used for the top LHS fixings. I used spray adhesive (from Kiravans) and applied it to both sides Read more…

By Heathy, ago

Preparing the OSR panel

The ply panel I got didn’t have any holes in it for fixing so I had some fun drilling them in the correct locations.  Also for some of the holes the standard VW clips weren’t long enough so I bought a few longer ones from here.  For this panel I Read more…

By Heathy, ago

Time to get the boarding & the bulkhead out

A reasonably successful weekend.  The before… Time to start… Taken the panelling out to see if there’s anything scary underneath (their wasn’t) and also unbolted the bulkhead. A couple of photos for reference before I disconnect the wiring under the passenger seat. Passenger seat out (secured by 8 nuts). I Read more…

By Heathy, ago