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A bit of basic plumbing

Since I was test fitting the fridge and part of the furniture I thought I better have a look at the plumbing, specifically the waste/drain.

I removed the plastic under panel to see what I could see and also looked from inside at the pre-existing holes behind the door panel.  I used a cable rod to find a route through, once I had identified this I used a drill to slightly enlarge the internal hole so the waste hose would fit (there underbody hole was big enough already).

In relation to the drainage pipe, I’d read on a forum that there’s a route through the bottom of the O/S door panel rather than drilling through the floor.  This is the hole before drilling.

And the view from underneath, having removed the plastic underbody cover.

And the size I enlarged the inside hole to.

The pipe now in place.

View from underneath with the cover back in place.

I also had a quick look at the water tank & pump I purchased from Evo Designs.