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Tow bar electrics

Finally got around to connecting up the remaining wiring for the tow bar electrics.

These are there connections behind the headlight switch on the dashboard.And the connections to the vehicle battery.  I also placed the fuse block in a strong plastic bag to protect it from any moisture.

Day 3 from underneath…

More fun under the van.  Under the van I tie-wrapped the cable to the fixings for the fuel pipes.
This is the cable poking up under the passenger seat.  I needed a bit of washing up liquid to get the cable through the existing hole.
 More exciting “under van” shots!
 Grommet to the right is the one under the passenger seat.
 Cable continuing to the rear of the van.
 13-pin socket connected.  Don’t forget to fit the grommet/cover first!

Socket fitted to the van.

I chose to use the side entry option since I thought the rear entry one would foul with the spare wheel.

More cable routing, this time from the rear wheels back.

Routing towards the rear bumper.

Right all done with this for today.  Only have the connections to make, saving that for another day!

Tow bar installation, next steps

So the plan was to install the tow bar, but I didn’t get too far.

First I inserted 4 of the plugs I got from VW (I got 8, but there were already 4 installed.  New ones are white, the existing 4 are grey (2 at each end).

Then it was a simple matter of fitting the new part and using the 8 clips to secure it to the van.

Next job is to remove the spare wheel then remove the under-body panel to be able to bolt in the actual tow bar.  Whilst most of the fixings for this are just bolts there are 3 (somewhat corroded) star-lock washers too 🙁

It looks like 2 of these need to be removed to be able to remove the underbody panel.  These things are a bugger to get off anyway but these ones aren’t in good shape so I think I’ll need to get some replacements before I continue.
Looking at them I estimate they’re 5mm ones, albeit bigger than normal, i.e. 30mm overall diameter.